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Moin, Moin Hamburg

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People behind glass and plastic!
Hamburg harbor, ships and the Elbe
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In the city

For a long time I have had the desire to capture beautiful Hamburg evening moods on the picture.
A Canon D1s II with a strong Sigma EX 24-70 lens is used at a constant 2.8 light intensity.
Of course, this is not possible without a tripod and a large portion of patience.
I am particularly interested in the light reflections on wet roads and elongated light trails.
The evening mood at all!

Ships in the port of Hamburg

The history of the Port of Hamburg describes the development of the port from a landing site at an estuary of the Bille
to the Alster in Hamburg's old town in the 9th century, with port rights from 1189, via an Alster port in the 16th century; to a port on the Elbe
with numerous harbor basins in the 19th century and further to a so-called world port upstream westward.
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Hamburg Harley Days

It's getting loud again: From June 26 to 28, 2020, the Harley Days will be one of the largest biker events in the Hanseatic city.
Harley-Davidson fans can look forward to live bands, test drives, bike shows and more.
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Queen Mary II on the Elbe

Hamburg's favorite ship has already passed some milestones in the Hanseatic city and celebrated its 15th Hamburg anniversary on June 22, 2019.
With its regular calls in the Hanseatic city, the port of Hamburg is somewhat the secret home port of Queen Mary 2.
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A special coincidence

Photoristic highlights! Wasn't planned! I didn't know you should come today.
I happened upon a Quenn Mary 2 Elbe ferry at the same water level.
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